Our Pledge to You

We will take the time to understand you… your talents, your expertise, yours goals and objectives.

You will always receive our strongest efforts to provide the opportunities that fit you best.

We will advise and assist you in taking the steps necessary to increase your value within the Insurance Industry.

You will always get more than you expect from PRG Insurance Recruiters. Your career is our focus!

Our Process

The Resume

After receiving your resume, we will review it in detail. We will evaluate current job openings, looking for opportunities that capitalize on your strengths and experience. Then we will discuss ways to present you in the most favorable manner to our client companies.

The Application

We will carefully review and discuss your application to fully consider your talents, expertise and objectives in order to match you with an appropriate employer.

The Placement

Now we’re ready! We will place you with the company that best meets your needs and objectives.

Choose Your Employment


Whether you are a career Temp or a first-time Temp, we offer temporary services to our clients to fulfill a temporary staffing need. Temporary assignments can be from 2 weeks to 2 years, depending on the client and the situation.

Temp to Hire

This is a great option for people who want to try out their new employer before making a serious commitment. Typically, the Temp to Hire period is 90 days of temporary work before the employer takes the Temp on as a direct hire employee.

Direct Hire

We work as the mediator between you and the client company. Because we know our clients and we know you, PRG INSURANCE RECRUITERS can assist you in the interview process. We can help you match your skills and experience with the client’s needs!

Your Other Advantages

At PRG INSURANCE RECRUITERS we take the time to understand your goals, talents and expectations. Some of the advantages of our partnership are outlined below.

Your Hourly Rate

Our daily communication with our client companies keeps us up-to-date and helps ensure that you will get the maximum hourly rate you deserve.

Your Pay Schedule

We issue paychecks on a weekly basis. Your work week ends each Friday, and you receive your paycheck for that work week one week later, on the following Friday. To receive your paycheck on time, please submit your timesheet for each workweek by noon on the following Monday.

Paycheck Options

If you prefer, you may pick up your check, rather than have it mailed. (Please notify us at least one day before we mail paychecks.)

You may take advantage of our direct-deposit feature. (Please allow 2-3 weeks for direct deposit to take effect.)

Your Work Schedule

Most of our clients offer flexible schedules. Naturally, PRG INSURANCE RECRUITERS tries to accommodate a work schedule that fits both your needs and the needs of our clients.